Installing Goost


Goost officially provides custom Godot editor and export templates which you can freely download for each platform of interest. Proceed to the Download page to get the latest released version.

Installing export templates

The process of installing the export templates that you download from Goost website is similar to Godot, with the caveat that they cannot be downloaded from within the editor directly.

  1. Download export templates (either Standard or Mono version).

  2. Launch Godot editor and go to EditorManage Export Templates... menu option.

  3. You’ll see a window asking you to download the export templates. Do not press the Download button as it will download raw Godot export templates without Goost:

    Export Template Manager - No download

    If you already have export templates installed, uninstall them first.

  4. Instead, you need to install export templates from a downloaded tpz file:

    Export Template Manager - Install From File Export Template Manager - Open a File

    This will extract templates into editor templates folder on your filesystem.

    Export Template Manager - Installed
  5. Close the window and go to ProjectExport... to export a project with Goost!

Again, do not attempt to re-download the export templates if you need to change the export templates due to Goost update. Uninstall and install export templates manually. However, if the update is coming from Godot, it should be safe to install a new set of export templates for each released Godot version.

Installing separately

If you don’t want to replace Godot’s official export templates with the ones provided by Goost, you have two options:

  • Run Godot in self-contained mode. Create a file with a _sc_ name next to downloaded Goost editor executable, and proceed to installing export templates as described above. The resulting export templates are going to be extracted under editor_data/templates directory relative to the editor executable.

  • Extract the downloaded export templates yourself and specify custom export templates via Custom Template option for each new export preset:

    Export - Custom templates