Building from source

If you plan to customize Godot/Goost by picking only the features you need, or would like to integrate other modules beside Goost in your projects, you’ll need to learn how to compile Godot from source yourself.

Please follow the Godot Engine official documentation instructions for your target platform of interest if you’re not familiar with the build process yet:


Goost aims to target both Godot Engine’s stable and development versions. For the current version this documentation targets, you’ll need to checkout the respective Godot branch:

cd godot
git checkout 3.4

If you ever need to compile Goost for other versions, the compatibility table can be summarized as following:

Goost branch Godot branch
gd3 (latest) 3.4 (stable)
1.0-gd3 (stable) 3.4 (stable)
gd4 (latest) master (latest)


The default Goost branch always targets the latest Godot stable version.

Compiling Goost

Building Godot with Goost is done in the same way as building the engine itself:

git clone
cd goost

This clones the Godot Engine repository automatically and allows to compile the engine with all the Goost components and other modules provided alongside the extension.

After compilation is done, the resulting binaries can be found at godot/bin directory relative to the Goost repository. The binaries have the goost suffix appended for each target platform. Run the executable and search the built-in documentation pages to make sure that the classes provided by the extension are instantly accessible (as seen in the Class reference).


Please report any issues if you stumble upon compilation errors.

Compiling externally

Goost is implemented as a regular C++ module, so please refer to the official Godot Engine documentation on how to compile the engine with custom modules:

An alternative way to compile Goost is by using the custom_modules build option explicitly from within Godot source root:

cd godot
scons custom_modules="/path/to/directory/containing/goost"


You can use extra_suffix build option if you want to distinguish between vanilla Godot binaries and Godot with the Goost extension:

scons custom_modules=".." extra_suffix="goost"